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punkfests's Journal

New England
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Welcome to the livejournal community for punk festivals in the New England/Northeastern US region.

Organizers Matthew Marchesi (Spaz-Tik Ltd) and Anderson Mar (Dark Sky Productions) revolutionized the scene in 2005 with the infamous New England Punk, Goth, and Metal Festival (http://www.nepgmfest.com). August of 2006 saw them embark upon a seven-city tour featuring several all-ages shows in clubs across 5 states. Matthew and Anders continue to strive to build a sense of community among underground bands and fans, imbued with a strong essence of respect and advocacy for musical expression in all its various forms.

In 2007 and beyond, a series of punk festivals are being planned for many of the major cities in New England. Please join this community for updates, and to see how bands and fans can become vibrant and integral parts of the punk community in New England and the Northeast.

Who We Want To Meet:

- Bands
- Street Team Members
- Promoters
- Venues that allow all-ages shows
- Vendors
- Sponsors
- Radio personnel and podcasters
- Rock journalists and indy media types
- Your mom! (does she come to shows?)
- Supporters of the underground scene in every shape, way, and form!

In addition, we host a show on our local cable access TV station (http://www.ltc.org), featuring underground bands. Episodes and current schedule are up here:


Instigating revolution in a neighborhood near you,
~ Anderson & Matthew