Anderson Mar, Reluctant Icon (othniel77) wrote in punkfests,
Anderson Mar, Reluctant Icon

Wanted: Metal + Punk bands for all-ages shows

I'm compiling a "database" of bands who are all gaga about playing all ages shows this summer. We are setting them up in all of the New England states...should be fun!

My name is Anderson Mar.
My partner's name is Matthew Marchesi.

If you are a punk band, you can email him at:

If you are a metal band, the email is:

***Mention "referred by Anderson Mar" when you do.

Of course, you can also always reach me, at, and I'll get back to you with any questions.

Basically, here's our modus operandi:

1. Nail down date and venue in each city or suburb.
2. Once this is completed, we'll be emailing you, asking if your band is available on said date.
3. We'll send out out a confirmational booking email.
4. Promote, promote, promote!
5. Rock out at the show, sell merch, network w/ other bands, build community. Sound good?

~Anderson Mar
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